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Streamlining exterior lines - keeping traditional but less Victorian

3 months ago

I’m about to close on this home, and as part of the deal, quite a bit of exterior trim/siding will be replaced. In the end the entire home will be repainted.

I know this is the ideal time for me to update the look a bit, so I’m trying to decide how to handle that … specifically the porch. I will be getting rid of (or not having them re-apply) a lot of the little trim pieces, squares, etc. in other areas. The porch has very traditional posts and spindles.

What I’m wondering is whether it’d be worth going with some straight posts there, or keeping the posts and changing spindles, etc.

The interior has some stellar crown molding and other traditional features, so I’m not about to try and do a total style change. Like I said, staying traditional but maybe closer to transitional.

Fwiw, my 14-year old daughter - normally one of few opinions when it comes to home design/decor - has a very strong stance against cedar posts, which I considered. Seems like an odd place for her input to show up, but hey. Here we are. lol.

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