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Advice Needed!! what to do to my electric fireplace!!

Rachel M
6 months ago

This is our electric fireplace. So plain 🫤
I definitely want a wood mantle. I also wanted a hearth but can do without. I just wanted one for decor purposes but not the end of the world if we don’t go that route. I attached some photos of ideas that I like but I need advice. I haven’t quite found my style yet as this is my first home and first time decorating. I grew up in a home with a big, tall stone fireplace, so that’s what I wanted at first. Now I’m re-thinking the style I’m going for. I do like the modern look, but I want it to take your breath away!! I want it to be beautiful. Advice or thoughts on stone, brick or shiplap? Also, I need help with the color. Either white or black? Hubby says white would be too much since the walls are already an off-white. We tossed around the idea of doing black. Help!!! Any advice or comments are appreciated!!

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