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Looking for small, low-light, drought-tolerant houseplant

What's a small houseplant that is low-light and desert-test tolerant?

Term definitions for this post:

Small: 3" pot

Low-light: About a foot from a north window with sheer curtains

Desert-test tolerant: I'm not very reliable about watering this spot ... I won't over water it, though.

And no, I don't want a fake plant here. It'll be in a small trio with two other live plants ... I missed watering, and one died. Fern, succulent, flower, foliage plant, open to any live-plant suggestions.

This is the happy plant from the trio (Asparagus fern, maybe?):

(This is not the location ... I couldn't get a good picture in its location ...)

I may switch out the Boston fern which survived the missed watering but isn't thrilled about it. The silver ribbon fern died.

Thanks all!

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