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ZZ plant with flopping new branches?

I've had a ZZ plant for over a year and it had the original foliage and was still in the original pot it came in. Recently it pushed out three new branches which were taller than the rest but the past week, I see that these new branches are now flopped all the way over and don't stand up straight any more.

I was just getting ready to repot it in new soil and a larger pot. Now I am thinking I'll have to cut the flopping branches either back to a shorter height that will stand up, or all the way back and get rid of them.

I wonder why it did this? I did water it a few days before it started flopping. Nothing different than I always do, but maybe sooner than I usually do? And all my floor plants have been in the same location all summer. The only problem is with hot weather, I am forced to lower the shades in that room early in the morning and keep it dark to keep the room cooler. So it's lacked the usual amount of light. All I can think of is it's either too much water or too little light? It's odd because the branches were upright fine when they first appeared, for at least a month before they started flopping.

So, do I cut the branches to the height of the other older branches and hope they stand up straight? Do I cut back all flopping branches to the soil level and repot and let it produce new foliage again with more light, now that a/c weather is just about over?

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