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Backsplash/countertops in natural stone for black kitchen

Kat Smith
3 months ago

My new kitchen is all black cabinets, slate appliances, gold pulls, a light wood LVP in a french oak/maple-ish color, and white walls on the creamy side. I really love the richenss of natural stone but I'm concerned about the upkeep of marble or dolomite, so I've narrowed my search to quartzite. Ideally looking for something that is predominantly white to brighten up the black, with black and/or grey veining and some gold/warm veins to pick up the warmth of the floor and the range hood I'll be building. If I cost and practicality were no object, I'd choose a marble - Borghini or Macchai Vecchia. But it seems quartzites fall mostly in either very grey or all creamy, with little variation. I've yet to find anything with the colors I was hoping for. So my questions are -- is there any such quartzite out there? If not, is there any purely white quartz out there that still has some movement? Short of that, is it better to go grey or creamy/beige? I've consulted two different designers -- one suggested a carrera look color; the other insisted the space should go warm, no grey.

Really don't care for most quartz, but I have found one that's close but the manufacturer is newish and it must be mitered.

Appreciate suggestions.

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