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new fan of Zinnia Zahara

10 months ago

I've never been a big fan of zinnias but I gave them a shot this year. I saw some nicely grown 6-packs at a farm stand garden center for a good price (after getting sticker shock of what they charge for 4" proven winners these days!)

I intended the pink to be more prominent. I'm not a big fan of bright warm colors. I lean towards pastels. But I just love the way it turned out. It shines from a distance. This is in a quasi-common island at our condos. (they think its common. I think its quasi - LOL) Neighbors stop to ask about it and one neighbor is going to make room in her small garden next year to get some and copy this.

I also love love love that I don't have to water it feed it or deadhead it. No powdery mildew. It just keeps doing its thing. And we do have a ton of rabbits and they leave it alone. It gets bi-nightly sprinkler watering for 20 minutes. We have had a lot of rain this season, but I hear that it is happy in drought or floods. I gave it a drink with miracle grow when I first planted it. That's it!

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