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Pure Coco Coir in pots from new plants

Matt Cissna
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Just bought some plants from walmart to set in the bay windows at my new house, and noticed they were from costa farms and growing in pure coco coir.

I thought it was kinda neat and ive been trying to keep them moist, but i have to say i dont like it. Seems way to dry for plants to get any moisture out of. Contains no nutrients and i have to fertilize alot.

I even bought "topsoil" which is compost and forest hummus, and i think i like this a little better. After almost all my plants nearly died on the porch from drying out way to fast and the heat lately, ive brought them back in and watered and misted like crazy. That stuff just wont stay moist outside or on a porch.

I think ill go back to the regular peat/perlite/bark type mixtures that you see in bags at walmart miracle grow or whatnot. Would love to know where to get some fine grade pine bark to mix in.

Would like to hear a few others chime in on this new coconut idea that costa farms is trying to start. On the one hand peat bogs take years to grow back, but on the other hand peat works so well for houseplants and us houseplant nerd tend to use it alot anyway.

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