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Need HELP with tile for outdoor covered patio!

Julie Adams
3 months ago

Is anyone familiar with the porcelain tile by Emil called Cornerstone in the slate black? I love it and want to use it for our covered patio but concerned if it’s too smooth (i.e. as in slippery) bc we have a pool. The pool deck which is travertine is between the pool and covered patio so the porcelain tile won’t be right next to the pool. But, my contractor originally recommended a porcelain paver by Landmark which is nice in appearance but has the texture of concrete or asphalt….rough and chalky like which I don’t like especially for the covered patio. I much prefer the smoothness of the Cornerstone. It looks just like the natural slate (which I love but don’t want to deal w maintenance of a natural stone) but it’s porcelain. It’s a tile so 3/8” thick versus the 2cm thick pavers that are rough. I know it’s fine to use outdoors on a patio surface w a foundation which we have, but is it ok to use with a pool in the backyard? It says it’s “low slippage” but it’s not slip resistant, per se. Appreciate any feedback! TIA!


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