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Garage hangout Conversion

6 months ago

We have a short term rental lakehouse in Michigan and are thinking of doing a soft conversion of the garage to a bonus room/hangout space.
The catch is we want to keep using it as a garage if bad weather comes through. So lightweight furniture that can be pushed aside, a rug that can be rolled up etc.

Currently it stores our random stuff, but we just added a high end sauna so we want to make it much nicer. Thinking sitting are (structured bean bag chairs), mounted Tv, rug, coffee table. Then the foosball area. And lastly the sauna use.

We’re pulling down all storage shelves and starting from scratch. Will repair walls and paint it all white likely. Firewood will be moved to shed. Paddle boards are deflatable. Storage will be two lockable steel chests side by side.

Ideas on how to make this a great bonus room?

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