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I need your opinion on this one

3 months ago

I purchased this in 2021 from a hosta grower here in MN. It was a very small plant, but appeared healthy. Last year it was still only a handful of leaves, but looked good until late summer, when I noticed a weird leaf. Just the coloring, no strange texture. This year it came back really well. Has put on a lot of growth, and looked perfect the first half of summer. A couple weeks ago I noticed the change in the color. Still no tissue collapse, still seems healthy.

Its Paradise Joyce, and I had heard that HVX is common in this one, but what do you think? I've read everything about HVX and looked at all the pictures, but I just don't know. Its not worth spending the money on a test, it was not an expensive plant, but I don't want to worry about it constantly. I know June and a lot of other hosta change in late summer, I'm hoping thats what this is. No one ever says if HVX shows up one year and the next year the plant looks great, or if it just keeps getting worse and worse.

Sorry this is so long, appreciate any opinions. I'm in MN and we are in the third year of a drought. Its been a very hot summer for us. Thanks

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