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hosta reverting

3 months ago

I have had an 'Angel Falls' for several years now and it has never had any varigation. I believe it was sent from the grower as this. I have done some research and all articles indicate it will never turn back into 'Angel Falls'. Also indicated is that it is a sport of 'Niagara Falls', but that was developed from two other hostas. I would have preferred it to be what I purchased but I do like it. My question is since it will not develop back to 'Angel Falls' would make sense to label it as 'Niagara Falls' or should it go all the way back to it's parentage. It does look like 'Niagara Falls'. I also had another grower send me a 'Regalia' this year but refunded it and said it has reverted. Is this a normal practice? If the hosta ordered is not true to it's name why send it anyway.

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