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Looking for some advice and help with my fruit trees

Philip Raposo
3 months ago

My pear tree, t's the largest of all my fruit trees which we planted spring 2022 bare root. The coloration has me a bit concerned/confused. Is this healthy and normal?
The other tree is my apple which is being hit my some small worm larva in an individual cocoon. It's a moths larva I did look it up but not too sure what I can do. I will spray dormant oil in the fall. Causes the leaves to die and curl. The growth of this tree is stunted pretty much and not sure how to beat these guys. I have 9 trees and 2 of which are apply. Those worms are really only after not sure what they are.
The last tree is my.plum.tree. it's growing nicely but oddly. It put out a ton of leaves all around the one main leader and then sent all all these really long shoots which just blow all around with no real structure or strength. Any suggestions on what to do with that one?

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