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Epoxy Coating for garage floor- Worth it?

6 months ago

I moved into a new townhome couple of months back. It has a 2-car garage with concrete floor. A lot of my neighbors have gotten epoxy coatings done for their garage floor (to protect floor wear & tear). Walls are just simple drywall so if I do the garage floors I will also have to paint the walls.

My question is - is it worth it? Its a one-person household so I don't expect my garage to be super busy. But I am wondering if every neighbor gets this done will this affect my resale value.

Also a request - I am a first time home owner so please be kind in your comments. I am here to learn from all of your expertise. I am setting up this boundary because some times, in the name of helping or responding here, I receive a lot of condescending responses. Any advise will be very highly appreciated.

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