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Rats in compost bin

3 months ago

I use a black plastic compost bin for kitchen scraps and yard waste. I‘ve seen a definite uptick of rats around my home, and I believe it is from the bin as they have chewed holes in the vents to enter the bin to eat. I’ve tried blocking the holes from inside and sprinkling cayenne pepper around their entrances, but neither work. I’ve trapped a few rats, but they are wily so limited success (4). Do I need to get a new bin? I like this one but must thwart the rats as I see signs of them on our property and the neighbor’s as well. I would not use poison even if it would work.

I’m not giving up on traps, but the bin is the big problem. I also keep a bird outside daytime, but i can keep that under control by cleaning up fallen seeds when it comes in for the night.

I cant figure out how to post a link to the bin using ipad. It’s standard black plastic with lid, 30” high with grid-style round vents on the side, comes with turning rod, on Amazon.

Thank you for any suggestions

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