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Tell me I am not alone.

3 months ago

After a longish dry spell, I went down to the sewing space today determined to start a new quilt.

I knew what I wanted in my head, so got the right bin of fabric down, plowed through it and was very disappointed. I was sure I had the perfect piece just waiting for me. It wasn’t there. There were other lovely pieces calling to me but they just weren’t the right one.

Have you ever done this? Have your plans made but get tripped up by not having that perfect fabric right at hand. And no other fabric will do? how do you solve this problem?

I just put that bin back on the shelf, found another pattern I liked and made a test block.

So tomorrow, I can start a totally different quilt and in the meantime, keep my eyes peeled for that perfect fabric. It is out there, just not in my bin.


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