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Pre Emptive Stem Mitigation Breaking on LimeLights

11 months ago

I've done this in former years....and eventually decided to let mother decide it's fate

This year, after the 1st rain....on some of my Lime Lights, it's complete splayed on the weaker new stems.

It's been splayed since the 1st rain - I traced it out. It's anywhere from 3 stems going to previous year wood or a WYE with 5-6 stems going to previous year wood.....all flopping.

Anyhow, while the droop is there, my main concern is the long seasonal droop, and potentially snapping the previous years wood below that. The droop is inducing a slight lean on the older wood as observed.

So here I am deciding...whether to deadhead these floppers to remove the let wood continue for next year. And or I will wait till come Sept-October depeding on what NorEaster rains decide to be for this year.

So tell me, are you guys doing mitigation stem snapping weight unloading every *now and then* on your heavy head prone hydrangeas.

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