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A new rose, one of the first in years.

Paul Barden
4 months ago

I have a few roses bred in the 2000's that I am currently working on naming and propagating, after many years of evaluation. This one dates to 2006, a cross of (Sheri Anne X Out of Yesteryear) X Tradescant, now named 'Ivy Mike' It's an upright shrub to 4 or 5 feet, with dark glossy foliage and panicles of 3 to 7 blooms, about 3" each. The color is a deep velvet red with a purple/crimson overlay. Bloom form varies from very double quartered, to a less full double cupped shape, or sometimes a reflexed ball, depending on growing conditions and time of year. Because its a very dark color, it fares best when grown where it gets some mid-day shade to avoid burning. It's a very healthy shrub (in the limited testing here in the PNW climate). The one thing it lacks is much in the way of fragrance (as far as I can tell).

Anyway, I have propagated this variety for the first time ever, and I plan to put the plant (in a standard band size pot: 3X3X6 inches) on eBay soon. I'm letting you folks know in advance that this is happening, in case you're interested in the rose. Whoever gets it will be the first person to grow it, besides me of course.

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