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Last blooms and another first bloom.

sherrygirl zone5 N il
8 months ago
last modified: 8 months ago

Most of my daylilies are finished or have few buds left. A handful of daylilies will soon start.

This is the second bloom today for this daylily, first one was awful. This was a bonus sent to me as Organized Chaos three season ago and first blooms this season. I didnt remember what it looked like so did some research. The real OC is a Paul Owen daylily that looks nothing like this. I also found a 9yo thread on NGA that said The Salters were selling unregistered but named daylilies at one time. The poster wrote he had one from the Salters named Organized Chaos, it wasnt registered….no photo. I guess this now a noid. Could I call it a Salter seedling? Thoughts please….

Last bloom on Smurfette, has had washed out color this season.

Last blooms for Silky Skies.

Last bloom on Forest God, green throat should be larger. Really short scapes and poor bud count this season.

First good clump on Ice Carnival yesterday. It is in the sun all day, short scapes and fewer buds this season.

I love How High the Moon, first blooms for this season. It is a true white and tall. Blooms are close to 6”.

My favorite Siloam daylily, Ethel Smith.

Jurys Out had first blooms this season. A plain yellow bloom that Laura and Celeste grow. I have it because of the stats. Its a late with 7-way branching and 46 and over bud count. Check out the NGA photos from Laura.


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