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How much of a tomato do you eat if it's been pecked by something?

catherinet (5IN)
4 months ago

I saw one of my ripe Roma tomatoes half eaten and on the ground. I have a good 4' electric fence around my garden. So I've been checking on it daily, and today I saw 2 green tomatoes with single pecks in them. Would that be birds?...for the pecked one......for the half eaten one on the ground I'm thinking mouse/chipmunk. But I was wondering.......would you still eat/process a tomato that has been pecked on, even just a bit? I'm inclined not to.......but maybe I'm being too cautious?

Also....if it has been very dry around here, if I put a saucer of water in the garden would that help deter them from pecking/eating the tomatoes......or would that attract them more? Thanks!

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