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I need help identifying why my rose canes are dying please

E C z7 southeast
4 months ago

Hello, I have a two year old Wollerton Old Hall rose that seems to be dying, and I'm unsure of the cause. it did great last year and this spring, but as summer cane in I've noticed some of the canes beginning to dry out and turn brown. It started with just one, but now seems to have spread to the whole plant. It is very hot this summer, but it gets plenty of water (a long, deep water 1-2 times weekly depending on rain) and the other roses near it seem to do well on that watering schedule. I sprayed all the roses once in early spring, but I have not been feeling well lately and I haven't kept it up like I should have. I am not a very experienced rose grower, so I am not much good at identifying various diseases yet. I like this rose and would hate to lose it, so I really hope it can be saved. Could this be stem canker? I'll try to add photos. Thank you for any help you can give in identifying what's wrong with my poor rose!

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