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Stackers and pallet jacks

4 months ago

Hi, I’m finding more and more that I need to lift big heavy things to table height or higher. Can you talk to me about stackers and pallet jacks? Here is one that caught my eye, but I am open to finding other tools in this price range:

Here are some things I may need to do with it:

- stack a dryer on top of a washer for a laundry closet (170 lbs)

- position a window air conditioner (55-80 lbs)

- unload stone from pickup truck (with camper top)

- move loads around the yard (I have a dolly/hand truck but no wheelbarrow yet)

- put heavy saws on work tables (75 lbs)

It would need to be used both inside and outside, and get through doorways. Hoping to find something that is not too hard to crank or has other power. Do these tools require a lot of strength to raise the loaded platform?

Originally I googled ”mini forklift” and all kinds of things came up. Can you help me zero in on the tools I should be looking at, and pros and cons? Thanks!

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