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Eureka lemon tree - leaves falling. watering too much or too little ?

Patrick O'Leary
4 months ago

Semi dwarf eureka lemon tree stayed in pot for about 1.5 years and then went into ground in Apr '23. Since then its been slowly losing leaves and recently had a larger leaf drop. I am watering it twice a week by hand and I water it to the point where I see that water takes about a second to seep through. I topped it off with a mix of citrus soil and compost, added a fertilizer stick (its a 6" spear tipped stick that said it was food for cirtrus trees)

Other things I see (photo attached) - two root branches have broken off.


1. am I watering too much or too little? After 3 days, when I scrape away the top one inch, I can rub the dirt within my fingers and it feels just the slightest bit moist

2. what do I do with the branches that have lost leaves. keep them or prune them

anything else

thanks in advance !


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