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Leaf Blower Recoil Starter

4 months ago

I got a Husqvarna 125B leaf blower a few years ago and was always hard to start and frequently would try to lock up when I was trying to start it. I thought it was just getting too much fuel and almost locking up. So that goes on that whole time I have it until the other day when I needed it after mowing - I pulled the starter and it stuck hard, not pulling the starter cord back in. In the process of taking it apart I managed to let the clockwork spring fly out, and that's when I saw how both the clockwork spring and the center coil spring were deformed. Exactly what happened is the clockwork spring was installed improperly and was in a state of being jammed the whole time. So I gave up on that starter and ordered a replacement. I mean, if the original starter was the last one on Earth, maybe I could have gotten that clockwork spring back in it but that would be about the only way I would try it. :) I'm really looking forward to it working as designed in the future and not be like pulling teeth every time I need to use it.

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