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How long things last in the freezer...........

catherinet (5IN)
4 months ago

I know this might gross some of you out, and you probably think I have no taste at all.........but recently I did my yearly freezer defrosting. I have saved too many "old" things and being who I am, I didn't want to get rid of them, in spite of their age. Anyhow........I have the kind of freezers that I have to defrost manually every maybe that helps things stay good longer. Anyhow..........I had some peaches in syrup frozen from 2018. Some of the top of the containers were a little brown, but the rest of the peaches were GREAT!!! I've tasted them from 2019-2022 and they are ALL great tasting. Boy was I surprised. Also I had "old" butternut squash and tomatoes that were old too....and they are fine. Maybe some of you are gagging.....but seriously, I wouldn't eat them if they were yukky. I'm learning to not keep things in the freezer so long from now on, but realize that I shouldn't just throw something out because it's "older", without tasting it. Now green beans are different and they dehydrate too much. Anyone else find this happens to their stuff too? And if you use freezers that you have to defrost once a year? Thanks!

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