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Peeling Cabinet Hardware

Karen Moffat
4 months ago

We did a full house renovation and installed Richelieu cabinet hardware. In and around Christmas of 2023 I noticed that the pulls were peeling to such a significant degree they looked almost corroded. It was bad.

This Spring all the cabinet pulls we’re replaced under warranty. We were told by our contractor that they had never had that type of issue before and were frankly shocked. Our pulls spent months stuck on a freighter in the middle of the ocean and there was some suggestion that they were damaged during transport.

Within the last week I noticed our cabinet pulls are peeling again and frankly it’s escalating quickly. The peeling is worse on pulls that are handled frequently but that doesn’t explain the odd corner bits that are coming right off. I should add, at no point have any cleaners been used on the pulls.

Has this happened to anyone before? Are there any brands that sell pulls with a similar look that won’t peel?

Frankly, any advice you could offer would be most appreciated. Many thanks!

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