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Using Unlicensed Contractors for Home Repairs

westes Zone 9b California SF Bay
4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

If you have ever used an unlicensed contractor for home repairs, how does this affect a future sale of the home? Would it be standard practice to make a full disclosure when selling the home that a particular repair was done by an unlicensed contractor? What would the buyer typically ask for in response to such a disclosure on any key part of the home (e.g., roof repair, sidewall repair that involved a full penetration of the side of the home, window replacements, etc)? Would it be common in strong seller markets like California for the sellers to insist on an as-is sale even if the buyer responds to this? From the standpoint of California law, is the seller allowed to execute an as-is sale on any component that was repaired with an unlicensed contractor?

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