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Raspberry simple syrup

7 months ago

I can't find the search for past conversations about fruit syrup. Linda Lou had some recipes to follow. The harvest forum isn't as easy to search as it was in the past and it would allow me to search only harvest forum. I have lots of raspberries that I defrost from the freezer (after I harvest enough to can as juice.) I put them through the roma to remove seeds so I have a thick juice with pulp. From here, I can't remember ratios. Do I use equal parts pulp juice to sugar or do I have to add water, too? Example, I have 4 cups fruit juice so it would be 4 cups sugar but do I also add 4 cups water? Is that water needed if I've already juiced the pure fruit? And, could I cut the sugar down to half of that amount? I want to be able to taste the raspberries. Ball has a syrup recipe but it has corn syrup. I want as fresh as I can get for a safely canned product. Raspberry cocktail recipes are a bonus if anyone has favorites and would like to share. Thanks in advance.

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