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Trouble with a new Myers Dwarf Lemon Tree.

James Salerno
4 months ago

I am really new at this and don't know what I am doing. Someone decided I needed to adopt a Myers dwarf lemon tree. It has been in the 100's here in Sacramento, CA Zone 9. I don't know whether I am watering it not enough or too infrequently or if I should just leave it alone. The flowers appear to be dry but I am not sure.

Here is a top view:

I put it in a potting potting soil marked for citrus and have been using the Citus Tone product shown in the picture below. i don't know if I am watering enough or too infrequently. I have been using about 3 of the plastic coffee cans full of water.

Since I took the pictures the lemon on top fell off. I am doing something very wrong. Please help.

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