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Which Tea rose do I have please?..

10 months ago

A few details. I imported this Tea rose from Roses Loubert, France last winter. It's supposed to be 'Mme. Falcot' but I really don't think it's anything like the original rose of that name, as that's supposed to be yellow.. however it could be the 'Mme. Falcot' that's doing the rounds in Europe/U.S.?

Obviously my rose is very young, first season.

Alternatives I have come up with, in case it was sent out with incorrect i.d. are ..

'Marie van Houtte' and 'Maman Cochet', both of which Loubert offer.

I cannot see anything else on their inventory that comes close.

So if you are familiar with any of these roses, could you please..

1. Advise if you think it's the 'Mme. Falcot' that you know.

2. It's 'Marie van Houtte'

3. It's 'Maman Cochet'

4. None of the above and something else entirely.

I am not familiar enough with any of those roses. On checking old archives here and HMF I am still not sure, but my guess would be 'Maman Cochet'..

Photos to follow, thanks for taking a look..

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