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Remontant Blooming - Do you DeadHead

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

I bought a few new remotent this year . These were already in full bloom at the nursery - bascially ahead of schedule of when it would bloom in my local easily by another 45 days. I spied brocolli and upon further inspection, new buds are developed below this years bloom on -old wood-. So off I went deadheading to let energy focus on new blooms

Now, this may not be the case next year, when these new plantings bloom later in the season. Maybe I might see new brocolli/buds around Mid August. Who knows with this wacky weather we get these days.

Anyhow, for those that have remotent Hydrangra's and how you address Old Wood

Do you deadhead them as the blooms fade or do you look for new buds and deadhead them if you do see them. I can't picture poking and looking around on hands, knees pulling on each stem to see if there are new buds below that. Ha, maybe some of you do. It's easy to do on a small itty bitty new planting but not a 5' round.

On my current remotents, I have a mix. Some are in full boom and others are in mid-brocolli-small blooms developing from new wood.

Just was kinda surprised to see new buds coming off old wood for a Round 2 Flush.

I'm going to check the -current remotents- and see if I see the same new bud development below....

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