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Hardly Any Blossoms On Saucer Magnolia in 2023 (worried)

4 months ago

Hello GardenWebbers and Houzz Folks,

I have a 30' tall pink saucer Magnolia in Zone 5 (Central MA) that has performed magnificently and reliably for over 30 years. I look forward to her (it's a girl, LOL) blossoms every winter's end... This year I was so disappointed as she hardly gave any blossoms and I've been worried ever since. I rarely, if ever, prune and or fertilize. Today I sprinkled Osmocote generouly around the base and drip line, and then applied a very skimply amount of Triple Phosphate, as I know that next year's buds are being created now. I've been checking the branches and I see hardly any buds. I'm worried sick. Can anyone offer what to do? Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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