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Question about boiling beans before freezing

catherinet (5IN)
4 months ago

Hi all. My Blue Lake bush beans are making beans like crazy. But they are much thinner than I'm used to seeing them. They are 5-7" long, but thin. I hope the company didn't put the wrong beans in the package. Anyhow.....I'm picking lots of them now. I'm freezing them, as usual. My question is: I'm used to putting them in boiling water for 3 minutes, and then into icy cold water. But since they're so thin, I cut that boiling time down to 2 minutes. Was that okay to do? I just don't want to almost completely cook them before I even freeze them. Okay, Question #2. Since they are so long and thin, I've been freezing them whole. Would it be better to cut them into smaller pieces for freezing, even if they are pretty thin? Thanks for your input!

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