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Is There A Way to Increase Rose Growth in the First Year?

Not that I'm impatient (yes I am), but is there a way to make roses grow as quickly as possible in their first year? I realize that they have to get acclimated and concentrate on root growth, but just wonder if there are organic fertilizers or anything else that will hasten their growth without of course in any way damaging them or warping their psyches. I have a vague recollection of roseseek having to hurry a rose along because the original one planned for some sort of function had failed and he had to bring another rose along very quickly as a replacement (unless of course I dreamt the whole thing). I've been watering the roses assiduously if not compulsively as it's gotten hotter in the hope that they would appreciate this and grow extra fast. I have to say that Grandmother's Hat is quickly growing upward although it has very slender canes, and the second-fastest grower is Dixieland Linda. Any advice would be appreciated unless you think I'm being very immature and spoiled about the whole thing. Actually, at the rate my weakness is progressing I'd love to see some blooms sooner rather than later, and any suggestions would be so much appreciated.

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