Need help with accent wall color for hubby's office

8 years ago
My husband a I need to repaint the accent wall in his Danish modern office because it does not complement the large sculpture against that wall.

We were leaning toward a medium blue-green, but are open to other suggestions. Although the picture of the carpeting shows gray, there is a lot of green in with the gray.

All furniture and artwork stays where it is, with the exception of the Saarinen chairs. We are having two Kai Kristensen chairs being refinished now. Initially we thought we'd match the upholstery to the accent wall color, but we found a great nubbly fabric in red-rust, so the wall will have to speak for itself.

Note again that no furniture or artwork will move or be replaced other than the guest chairs. The overall wall color (SW Mindful Gray) cannot change. No nic-knacks, throw pillows, lamps, coat racks or area rugs will be added. My husband is a minimalist. We just need accent wall paint (sorry to spoil the fun!).

Thanks so much in advance!

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