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Pinus cembra graft.

5 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago


I bought this tree in May, P. cembra 'prairie statesman' (Herman).

I believe it P. cembra grafted onto a P. strobus root stock.

It was in a 10 gal. pot and I estimated it to be at least 6 years old.

I noticed that part of the old scion was still showing after I bought the plant, but there appeared to be a little sap seeping out of the lower side of that area. I peeled/broke off what appeared to be some old grafting wax or something like that, near the lower part side where the sap was appearing.

Now that I took that patch of 'wax' off, the sap seems to be drying up, although it wasn't flowing or nothing like that.

My question is, should I chip off that hard substance around the area of the old scion? It looks to be more of that grafting wax and don't know if that could inhibit healing? It's pretty well attached.

Will this wound heal itself over time? Or is there something I should be concerned about with this. ;-/

Here's pictures:

The rest of the perimiter of the trunk around the graft appears well healed. I think.

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