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Don’t want to jinx it….

5 months ago

A month ago, I said I had started a project but got called away by the garden. Well, the garden is pretty much on its own except for regular weeding and some watering. So, I have been back at the machine a bit.

I did not do too much over these past weeks but when the cleaning ladies came, I would go down and cut or clean, or do something quilt related. This past week, I managed to get a good bit done on this latest quilt. And sometime next week, I will be back at it again.

This weekend, my children are hosting a belated 90th birthday party. The real day is in April, not a very good time weather wise for out-of-towners to come calling. So we opted for a deck do in July. The really amusing thing is that all my children live out of town, none closer than a two hour drive. So how will this do get organized, put together? Eldest daughter is in charge, ( isn’t it always the way?) so she sent out an invite by email, has put together a lengthy Costco shopping list for one son who will be here tomorrow. Meanwhile, this mother has been baking and buying and prepping like mad.

There are cousins coming from four hours away, a 98 year old aunt, my only surviving brother, and my sister, more of my children, grandchildren and even the latest great grand son, all from out of town.

It will be kind of a three-fer. DH missed his 90th do because of Covid and it is our 69th anniversary this weekend as well.

I do want the day to go well and even though there is a threat of rain, we will meet and have a good time.

But once this is over, it will be machine time., big time!


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