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What are your thoughts on this Kitchen Layout?

TLV 123
7 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

2023-12-09 Added plan view with dimensions from island to walls/doors/windows/counters.

When adding to original post, do people have to scroll through all of the comments from original post??

2023-12-08: Revison to original post. I posted a few months ago, original is noted below.

Been working with a KD, revised island orientation, cabinet spacing, and am happy with most of the layout.

I know the DW is in the corner, to clean as I cook. The corner wall cabinets by the fridge will be an appliance garage for blender, toaster, coffee maker, smoothie ingredients, coffee/tea, vitamins, etc.

On the 60"x96" island, I want an 18" overhang to help prevent the cabinets from getting kicked. Seating is for four. It is centered; however, when walking into the kitchen from the garage or front door, the sink widow is more centered. There is 48" from

The back yard is on the bay windows side. Door opposite can be moved on that wall. It opens to the dining/game room. I planning for it to be a pocket door.

I know the fridge/freezer are just a tad enormous...I love that! I already have the sink at my house and dream about it.

Options with round table in the bay window space:

Orig Post on July 2023:

I am working with a KD and am happy with the perimeter appliance and cabinet design. I have a few more questions (not surprisingly) about table and island size/placement:

Is it possible to calculate/determine an optimal/ideal table and island size based on the NKBA, or equivalent, recommended distances for walkways, aisles, etc.? I know there would be different distance between the island and table depending on if there is seating at end of island and all around the table. The gameroom was a formal dining area, but we never used it, so converted to a gameroom.

Is there a rule of thumb for how much surface area the island, table, and both combined should be in relation to open floor area (floor space after perimeter appliances/base cabinets installed) or to total kitchen area? What about the proportion of table to island? Or do you mostly go by space between objects?

I keep thinking there is a way to determine the ideal sizes, but maybe not. I’d rather know ideal sizes and then determine the size of island overhang for seating and number of seats, and if OH for seating on two sides or one.

What would be the ideal dimensions in this plan? I know I want 48” from island to perimeter, and 15”-18” island OH for seating. Please ignore the current table and island seating in this plan and tell me your opinion for distances and sizes.

Original Floorplan

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