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We Have a New Fur Kid!

5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

Well, after having lost 3 pups in 5 months, two to old age and our one foster to his forever home, we adopted a new boy just the other day. And, as we promised ourselves, only from a rescue group. Meet our Kip, a 6 y/o Corgi mix. He is the sweetest, most mellow boy and such a cuddler. In just these few short days, we know without a doubt that he's ours forever.

Kip is from a local rescue group. His former owner let him roam freely (a big no-no out here!) and fed him only table food. Sadly, he became overweight and then while roaming one day he was attacked by a coyote. Thankfully, he's been recovering very well with a wonderful foster couple these past 4 months. His wounds have healed and he's on a good, healthful diet to lose that extra weight.

Right after his adoption papers were signed, we headed out to a pet "supermart" where he helped us find him two beds (one for the bedroom and one for our family room), a collar, harness, leash and 4 of his very own toys.

He's already become attached to us all here, getting lots of hugs, kisses, and cuddles. Kip has found his forever home here with us, and we have a new forever-kid!

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