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Can and should you try to raise PH in mud pond for Koi?

5 months ago

I have a 3/4 acre mud pond which is filled with rain water and runoff (no spring or creek). The PH yesterday was around 6. Last winter we didn't have much rain so it shrunk to about 1/8 acre and all the bream (1000), bass(50), catfish(25), turtles(50), frogs(tons) and 2 large 24" koi did just fine even without a fountain or aerator. Since April it has filled back up with about 4 heavy rains. One rain actually raised the pond over 2' in one day.

Since I'm adding more Koi and they like higher PH is there a safe way to raise and keep the PH high or will it raise and drop to fast in the heavy rain fall adding fresh water? Or is it better to have them in a consistent PH around 6? Will higher PH hurt any other animals or plant life? I'm also worried if I add something to raise the PH at full pool when the pond drops to 1/8 acre with the PH will be condensed and spike?

I added about 20 Koi about 4"L, 10 Koi about 10"L and I have about 150 Koi fry/peanuts all of these new Koi were added to the lake about 30 days ago and are all in large cages in the lake till they reach 14" to be released in the pond. They all seem to be doing good and I have had no deaths. I added a 9000 gal/hr fountain 30 days ago and I'm taking out the bass and catfish and have started feeding and eating the bream so my goal is a Koi and bream pond. At full pool it has been dropping about 5/8" day (without rain) with day temps around 85 degrees. I thought about adding water from my well which would also drop the PH if I do add somthing to raise it since my well water has PH of 5.7.

Full pond 3/4 acre is about 7' at the deepest and about 750,000 gallons.

Low pond 1/8 acre is about 3' at the deepest and about 50,000 gallons.