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St. Augustine Struggles in SoCal

Jay Bo
5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

@dchall_san_antonio i remember reading a post that you made about a decade ago on gardenweb and have been watering once a week deeply since then. But this part with the interval modifications according to temp is new to me:

”With temps in the 60s or lower, deep water once a month. With temps in the 70s, water once every 3 weeks. With temps in the 80s, water every 2 weeks. With temps in the 90s, water once per week. With temps above 100, water once every 5 days. With temps higher than 110, deep water every 3-4 days. Note that you NEVER water daily.“

It makes sense, but I worry that my SA grass in inland Los Angeles may find it hard to go more than 2 weeks without water.

I’m currently fighting black clover in alot of places and really splotchy and uneven grass on an incline in the front yard. I’ve been dealing with the splotchy SA for awhile, but the black clover is new this year and in many SA lawns in the community. I can see the black clover targeting the weak parts of my lawn(short SA that won’t grow tall and the splotchy section mentioned previously).

Any advice would be appreciated. I’m thinking of:

1. Picking up some small alfalfa pellets to distribute and have some milorganite in the garage.

2. Change my sprinkler bodies from 4” to 6” rainbirds to get the water better distributed

3. Change my sprinkler heads from rainbird dual spout to the hunter ones that I had previously

4. Aerate the low height SA section where the SA won’t grow tall - the postman and my family are often walking on that section

I’ll add some images when i get home.

Splotchy area

Splotchy closeup

Stunted SA with darker green black clover invaders

Black clover closeup

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