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Trailer for Chipper Shredder

8 months ago

The subject is a little misleading.

I have a Chipper Shredder, and several times per year we chip up the wood pile. The Chipper Shredder has a towing bar, so I can pull it out to the work area behind the lawn tractor. I also have a small trailer to carry the miscellaneous tools, saw, rake, chair, etc..

What I am looking for is an easy way to handle the bag of chipped wood. Reff: Cub Cadet CS 3310.

The Chipper discharges into a bag that contains a little over 2 bushels. Full the bag weighs nearly 200 pounds, and is about 45' long. Heavy and awkward.

While I use the trailer to move the bag around the yard to where I want the mulch, I am looking for an easy way to lift the bag from the ground and transport it. At my age lifting it into the trailer, is getting more difficult. I have thought about something like those devices that you can use to move logs. BUT since it is not a daily occurrence something simple and cheap

How have others approached this problem.

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