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Moths(?) in fertilizer, should I dump it?

I think they are moths, found in Espoma's Summer Revitalizer and Autumn Winterizer.

I bought the lawn fertilizers in 2021. I don't remember using them in 2022 because I was too busy with other things and neglected my garden that year. I stored the fertilizers in an airtight Sterilite container, opened it today to get the Summer Revitalizer, and oh my there were living and dead moths all over.

It looked liked they crawled out of the fertilizers. I cannot tell whether they were from the fertilizers, or the airtight container isn't truly airtight and they found their way in to infest in the fertilizers.

Espoma's Soil Acidifier was in the same container but the moths left it alone. I have other containers with other Espoma products and I have not seen this elsewhere.

So here's my question: Should I dump the fertilizers? Or is it still okay to use them on my lawn?

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