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New white oak doesn't match old white oak from year 2000

Matt Tendler
10 months ago

New house had tile throughout kitchen and mudroom. We removed all tile and installed new white oak 3-4inch flooring. The rest of the house 1-2 inch white oak planks (we confirmed with multiple flooring specialists but did not send to lab). The existing white oak was from the year 2000, which was the year the house was originally built.

We love the natural look of white oak so all floors throughout the house were sanded at the same time (new and existing), water based finish applied, and then three coats of clear poly. The end result...not good. Stark difference between exiting floors and new floors even though same process was applied to both (at least that's what the stainer said). Pictures below.

When I called stainer he tried to explain that the reason could be that the older white oak was already darkened (I guess, but the house is from 2000, not 1950), and that there are other factors such as location of the white oak that was sourced. Neither rang true to me.

Any suggestions as to how I should move forward?

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