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Strategies for hiding dirty and drying dishes -- two D/W?

3 months ago

We're designing our kitchen, building it soon. Single 48" galley sink in an island, double drawer D/W next to it. While we could force in a second clean-up sink, it would really compromise other aspects of the kitchen too much. So what to do to keep dirty dishes from being obvious? The sink is pretty big, so maybe that's enough.

What about drying dishes that we wash by hand? I've been thinking we could get a second door-style D/W to be used as basically a really expensive dish rack. Actually not that expensive, because to fabricate something cool up in a lower cabinet in the island probably costs more than just getting a second D/W! The door style would be better because it can hold the larger things, like big sheet pans, that wouldn't fit in another drawer.

Any cool ideas for this?

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