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Mirror size/ shape for flanking fireplace?

last year
last modified: last year


i had preciously posted mid renovations when i was considering putting 2 floating shelves on each side of fireplace.. Within that discussion, the isea of using mirrors was posed and I am exploring that option.

If I go the 2 mirror route, using art above the fireplace:

1. what size and shape should I get?

2. how low / close to the cabinet is the mirror hung?

3. Silver framed or frameless?

the cabinets are 42 inches wide. I thiught these ciecle candle hiolders made prerty statmenet pieces on each. With that said, I am thinkinf a circle mirror would it look nice, as it may be too much of the same shape(?(

I was rhinking maybe an oval to compliment the oval coffee table ?

or a rectangle to compliment the doors if the cabinets or the end table?

here are a few ideas I found . What do you think?

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