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Garage door track - is it OK to be sloped?

When I had my garage door opener replaced and installed with a Chamberlain unit (about 10 years ago), I assumed it was installed correctly, since it opened and closed with no issue.

Fast forward to last month, when I replaced a side door on the garage...and found that the track was right in the way of the door when it opened.....and I had to raise one end of the track 3" to accommodate the in-swinging door.

Since the door end track, roller, pulleys, etc were left in place, I've now got a track that slopes up to the open end. The door still opens and closes OK, although there is a bit more noise when it opens. Here are my questions:

1) Can I leave it as is?

2) If I have to raise the other end, does it have to be the full 3"? What's the maximum slope for the horizontal rail?

3) There's a little bit of adjustment on the door end, but not 3". Can I just raise it to that amount?

3) Do I have to replace the entire vertical rail, or does anyone sell a 3" Extension kit?

4) I'm pretty handy, but do I need to get a garage door specialist to handle it?

Pics are below - what would YOU do?

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