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White paint like a Malibu morning

Lisa D
3 months ago

Hello! I have a white paint dilemma :)
I’ve been trying to figure this out for two months.
-we want a very bright but not sterile color
-the same color to be used everywhere, every room, trim doors everything (different finishes as needed
-light variation is totally fine, we prefer simplicity BUT I mainly use white linen for all fabric, carrera marble, white furniture etc. in our current rental house the taupe background blends everything but we are love with a blown out airy white house it we can’t control variation in all the furnishings and I don’t want everything else to look worn or yellow

Does anyone have any suggestion for a very bright “chameleon” white? Here are the ones I’ve been seeing come up and my concerns
-BM simply white: the one I most frequently love in pictures but some pictures make it look so yellow and the sample I got was very yellow in comparison to all my linen
-Bm white dove: too yellow grey? Not airy?
-BM Oxford white
-BM decorators white: sometimes looks gorgeous and rich, sometimes stark
-50% linen white 50% decorators white: I can imagine this one could be super beautiful but can’t find a picture, I love Patrick Ahearns blend of china white and linen white but it’s a bit earthy for what we want
-Behr Ultra pure white: too cold and stark?

I used chantilly lace years ago all over an apartment and it read grey, when we used it on trim only it was beautiful but I don’t want it on walls.

Thank you for any advice or suggestions!

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