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Paint colors are nice but something is lacking. What is it?

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

So we just repainted our home in New Orleans which is an old carriage house that is basically a square with a concrete block exterior. The house had not been painted in years and was a khaki color with blue shutters and a red door. It needed to be brightened up. I picked Linen White because I didn’t want a stark white and Buxton Blue for the shutters and doors. All trim was Linen White in a different sheen. Painter just sent pictures and his only comment was ”Certainly looks very different”. The colors are nice it just seems like it is missing something. Does it look okay?

edit: I was not sure how to answer individuals so I’ll just add here. Thank you for all of the suggestions. I appreciate everyones honesty. I am planning on doing window boxes and planters on the sides of the door. we just did landscaping and on the left of the door are showy pink, purple and red flowers but they are very small. Originally I wanted to stain the door a light oak since it is an antique from a salvage shop but the contractors talked me out of it due to the extreme weather in New Orleans. I may just go ahead and do it. We are also planning on adding an awning since the crosshead was way too big and was crooked The awning will either be bronze or black metal. I should also add that our house is 1/2 block off St. Charles and the neighborhood is not as colorful as say the Bywater, or Marigny neighborhoods. If we lived in one of those we wouldn’t have picked such sedate colors. We wanted to blend in to the neighborhood. Everyone gave great suggestions that I am going to consider especially a 3rd color. Also here’s a closup of the door

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