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Thursday flowers

We have gone from unseasonably hot temperatures to nice temps with very cool night. It got down to 50 last night. That's not so good for some daylilies to open correctly. Nonetheless, there were a few that were photo worthy.

Heavenly Knight Rider was new to the garden last season. It didn't arrive until about July. It is doing very well though and I love it.

Sky High Butterfly was also new last year and it has a respectable scape height for one so recently planted. It is registered at 48 inches and is probably pretty close to that.

Gary Lynn's Calliopsis is a beautiful flower on a very puny plant.

We have finally gotten to the point where I can post a seedling Queen of the Garden. Here is the queen today--Small World Fire in the Hole X Stoke the Fire. This is almost certain to be an intro. We move it last season--two years old with 6 fans. We split the clump and it is still producing branched scapes with 32 buds on some scapes. It reblooms for us too. We are very excited about it. All we need to do now is wait until it increases enough to introduce it. The name has already been picked out.

Here is its sibling. It's taller but the flower is not as nice nor is the color as good.

This is my favorite dahlia.

That's all for me.


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