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Update re: May post regarding dead parts of Heptacodium tree....

3 months ago

Back in May I posted a thread re what to do about the winterkill/dead parts of our heptacodium. Today the tree pruning folk finally showed up to do the cutting-off of the dead bit. It's not a very elegant look at the moment but better than a half-dead tree! Hopefully some new woody growth will fill in and it will all surviva this coming winter...! Mind you, I suspect there's an equal chance that the whole thing may need to come down next year :-( I can see some flowerbuds starting at the ends of surviving branchlets so hopefully we at least get some flowers this Fall for the bees, hummingbirds and monarch butterflies who love to feed on this tree!

Some pictures from today:

A 'before' picture from early this morning showing lots of dead wood!

The trees guys arrive:

Pruning in process:

'After' pruning finished:

So now we wait with fingers firmly crossed...!

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